Commit 2a919a51 authored by Piergiorgio Pancino's avatar Piergiorgio Pancino

Refactor ParameterWardrobe

 * add .current_config
 * add logging
 * add creation_date & last_accessed
 * add tests
 * solve a bug on show_table for computed property that showed
    always the computed properties for current set
parent 0e92eaae
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ class ScanSaving(ParametersWardrobe):
return keys + ["session", "get", "get_path", "get_parent_node", "writer"]
def __repr__(self):
d = self.to_dict()
d = self._get_set(self.current_config)
d["scan_name"] = "scan name"
d["scan_number"] = "scan number"
d["img_acq_device"] = "<images_* only> acquisition device name"
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ import pytest
from bliss.config import settings
import pickle
from bliss.common.axis import Axis
import datetime
class DummyObject(object):
......@@ -192,9 +193,16 @@ def test_parameters_wardrobe_switch(session):
dress = settings.ParametersWardrobe("dress")
slots = ("head", "body", "legs")
default = ("nothing", "t-shirt", "jeans")
# creating default
for k, v in zip(slots, default):
dress.add(k, v)
check = dress.to_dict()
for k, v in zip(slots, default):
assert check[k] == v
len(check) == 5
dress.switch("casual") # on casual
dress.head = "football hat"
dress.switch("default") # on default
......@@ -207,7 +215,12 @@ def test_parameters_wardrobe_switch(session):
with pytest.raises(KeyError):
assert dress.to_dict() == {"head": "nothing", "body": "shirt"}
check = dress.to_dict()
assert check.get("head") == "nothing"
assert check.get("body") == "shirt"
assert check.get("_creation_date") is not None
assert isinstance(check.get("_last_accessed"), str)
assert len(check) == 4
# testing configs method
for suite in ("a", "b", "c"):
......@@ -316,3 +329,91 @@ def test_wardrobe_show_table(session, capsys):
assert "* football" in captured.out
assert "* tennis" not in captured.out
assert "tennis" in captured.out
def test_wardrobe_get_current_config(session):
games = settings.ParametersWardrobe("games")
for name in "soccer tennis football squash".split():
# create and switch to different sets
assert games.current_config == name
for name in "soccer tennis football squash".split():
# just switch to different created sets
assert games.current_config == name
def test_creation_time(session):
drinks = settings.ParametersWardrobe("drinks")
assert "wine" not in drinks.configs
# get current time
now =
# convert string to datetime obj
creation_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(drinks.creation_date, "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M")
assert abs(now - creation_date) < datetime.timedelta(seconds=60)
last_accessed = datetime.datetime.strptime(drinks.creation_date, "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M")
assert abs(now - last_accessed) < datetime.timedelta(seconds=60)
# an empty Wardrobe has only creation/access info
food = settings.ParametersWardrobe("food")
assert len(food.to_dict()) == 2
creation_time = "2018-07-22-07:00"
food._creation_date = creation_time
food._last_accessed = creation_time
assert food.creation_date == creation_time
assert food.last_accessed != creation_time
def test_from_dict_ok(session):
colors = settings.ParametersWardrobe("colors")
colors.add("background", "black")
colors.add("foreground", "white")
new_colors = {"background": "yellow", "foreground": "blue"}
assert colors.background == "yellow"
assert colors.foreground == "blue"
assert colors.background == "black"
assert colors.foreground == "white"
with pytest.raises(TypeError):
# attribute does not exist in Wardrobe
colors.from_dict({**new_colors, **{"border": "pink"}})
def test_from_dict_not_ok(session):
cats = settings.ParametersWardrobe("cats")
with pytest.raises(TypeError):
cats.from_dict({"breed": "snowcat"})
with pytest.raises(TypeError):
def test_creation_and_update_appear_on_shell(session, capsys):
fake = settings.ParametersWardrobe("fake")
captured = capsys.readouterr()
assert "last_accessed" in captured.out
assert "creation_date" in captured.out
captured = capsys.readouterr()
assert "last_accessed" in captured.out
assert "creation_date" in captured.out
def test_non_removable(session):
fake = settings.ParametersWardrobe("fake", not_removable=("immortal",))
with pytest.raises(AttributeError):
fake.immortal # not yet created
fake.add("immortal", "me")
with pytest.raises(AttributeError):
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