Commit 19de575a authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro Committed by Matias Guijarro
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motor settings: use 'disable_cache' to disable settings on NoSettingsAxis,...

motor settings: use 'disable_cache' to disable settings on NoSettingsAxis, instead of ignoring settings completely
parent edaa02f8
......@@ -2430,8 +2430,8 @@ class ModuloAxis(Axis):
class NoSettingsAxis(Axis):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwags):
Axis.__init__(self, *args, **kwags)
self.settings.get = mock.MagicMock(return_value=None)
self.settings.set = mock.MagicMock(return_value=None)
for setting_name in self.settings:
def no_offset(self):
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