Commit 192d041b authored by blissadm_ID31@bibhelm's avatar blissadm_ID31@bibhelm Committed by Matias Guijarro
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icepap comm: raise CommunicationError in case of failure

parent 6496b51b
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ import functools
from collections import namedtuple
from bliss.common.greenlet_utils import protect_from_kill
from bliss.comm.tcp import Command
from bliss.comm.exceptions import CommunicationError
import struct
import numpy
import sys
......@@ -83,18 +84,18 @@ def _command(cnx, cmd, data=None, pre_cmd=None, timeout=None):
_msg = f"IOError {ioex.errno}:{errno.errorcode[ioex.errno]}"
_msg += f"\nmessage={os.strerror(ioex.errno)} "
_msg += f"\nPlease check that icepap controller '{cnx._host}' is ON"
raise RuntimeError(_msg)
raise CommunicationError(_msg)
elif ioex.errno == -2:
_msg = f"IOError {ioex.errno}"
_msg += f"\nPlease check icepap controller: '{cnx._host}'"
raise RuntimeError(_msg)
raise CommunicationError(_msg)
raise ioex
except OSError as osex:
_msg = f"OSError no:{osex.errno}"
_msg += f"err code:{errno.errorcode[osex.errno]}"
_msg += f"err message:{os.strerror(osex.errno)}"
raise RuntimeError(_msg)
raise CommunicationError(_msg)
def _command_raw(cnx, cmd, data=None, pre_cmd=None, timeout=None):
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