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An extra helper called `plot` is provided to automatically infer
a suitable type of plot from the data provided.
## Time curve plot
A dedicated plot is provided to display curve data with time as x-axis.
It's the plot used by the regulation framework.
This is useful to simplify the display of a fixed period of time
(the last x seconds), and to update the data using the new known
data only.
The GUI allow the user to change the last displayed period of time displayed.
# Create the plot
p = flint.get_plot(plot_class="timecurveplot", name="My plot")
# Setup the plot to display a dedicated data name
# The data will be provided later
# the `time` data name is used as x-axis
# The curve style can be specified
p.select_time_curve("diode2", color="red")
# The data can be set
# The time have to be provided in epoch second UTC (see python API `time.time()`)
p.set_data(time=[0, 1, 2], diode1=[0, 1, 1], diode2=[1, 5, 1])
# The data also can be appended
p.append_data(time=[3], diode1=[2], diode2=[6])
# Old data is dropped automatically
# This can be setup programatically
# And data can be cleared
## Basic interface
All the above plot types provide the same interface. They take the data
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