Commit 0cee1b75 authored by Jibril Mammeri's avatar Jibril Mammeri
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Add to AxisFaultError and its test

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......@@ -1915,7 +1915,7 @@ class Axis:
f"{}: {str(state)} at {self.position}"
elif state.FAULT:
raise AxisFaultError(str(state))
raise AxisFaultError(f"{}: {str(state)}")
return state
......@@ -163,9 +163,10 @@ def test_fault_state(bad_motor):
bad_motor.controller.fault_state = True
with pytest.raises(AxisFaultError):
with pytest.raises(AxisFaultError) as excinfo:
assert in str(excinfo.value)
bad_motor.controller.fault_state = False
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