Commit 01fbef8b authored by Piergiorgio Pancino's avatar Piergiorgio Pancino

* Add to_file and from_file

* modify to_dict to return all parameters (including underscore) and properties
* modify from_dict to skip properties
parent 7cc92c59
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ import logging
import numpy
from tabulate import tabulate
import yaml
from .conductor import client
from bliss.common.utils import Null
......@@ -1259,10 +1260,7 @@ class ParametersWardrobe(metaclass=ParametersType):
dictionary with (parameter,value) pairs
return {
return {**self._get_config("default"), **self._get_config(self.current_config)}
def from_dict(self, d):
......@@ -1271,19 +1269,21 @@ class ParametersWardrobe(metaclass=ParametersType):
You should provide a dictionary that contains the same attribute names as
current existing inside the ParametersWardrobe you want to update.
Giving more names will log a WARNING level message.
Property attributes should not be given.
Property attributes are ignored.
AttributeError, TypeError
logger.debug(f"In {type(self).__name__}({self._wardr_name}).from_dict({d})")
if not d:
raise TypeError("Dictionary empty")
raise TypeError("You should provide a dictionary")
redis_default_attrs = set(self._get_redis_single_config("default").keys())
found_attrs = set()
for name, value in d.items():
if name in self._property_attributes:
if name in redis_default_attrs:
found_attrs.add(name) # we keep track of remaining values
......@@ -1302,6 +1302,44 @@ class ParametersWardrobe(metaclass=ParametersType):
f"Attribute difference for {type(self).__name__}({self._wardr_name}): Given excess({found_attrs.difference(redis_default_attrs)}"
def to_file(self, path: str, all_configs=False):
Dumps to yml file all parameters that are stored in Redis
No property (computed) parameter is stored.
path: file path
all_configs: True for dumping all configs, False (default) only current config
if all_configs:
data_to_dump = {
"WardrobeName": self._wardr_name,
"configs": {**self._get_redis_all_configs()},
data_to_dump = {
"WardrobeName": self._wardr_name,
"configs": {
self.current_config: self._get_redis_single_config(
with open(path, "w") as file_out:
yaml.dump(data_to_dump, default_flow_style=False, sort_keys=False)
def from_file(self, path, all_configs=False):
with client.remote_open(path) as file:
data_in = yaml.load(file)
if data_in.get("WardrobeName") != self._wardr_name:
logger.warning("Wardrobe Names are different")
configs = data_in["configs"]
for config in configs:
def show_table(self):
Shows all data inside ParameterWardrobe different configurations
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