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    Global map (#847) + fix #727, fix #716, issue #615 + aliases refactoring · a1a20fe3
    Matias Guijarro authored and Sebastien Petitdemange's avatar Sebastien Petitdemange committed
    In order to make it nicer for users, the global objects are initialized
    in bliss/__init__.py ; leaking module-level globals from imports are
    made 'private' with '_' (do not show)
    The logging_startup function is moved from logtools to __init__.py as
    Aliases refactoring:
    * removed AliasMixin class
    * removed 'alias_or_fullname, alias_or_name properties
        - code explicitely ask for name, fullname or alias instead
    * only objects found in env dict can be aliased, or counters
        - the CounterWrapper object is a proxy that evaluates to the corresponding
          counter at runtime, in order to make sure the alias is always in sync
          with the counter. The proxy code is a modified version of the proxy
          from the 'wrapt' project, from 'lazy-object-proxy' (PyPI)
    * added set() and remove()