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      fastscan controller class, fscan new features · 6f640260
      Marie Claire Lagier authored
      fscan_id_trajectory IDTRAJ integrated into fscan (id_linked = 2) - not tested
      ID26FastScan controller class: fscan_controller.py and fscan_conversion_ongoing.py - not tested
      ID26FastScan controller class: axis import fixed, synchro_delay property, greenlet_move_back handling, reset and wait methods
      ID26FastScan controller class: MusstMonoEncoderMeanCalcHook angletoenergy conversion passed as class kwarg
      ID26FastScan controller class: FscanAcquisitionMaster and IDlinked1Trajectory
      ID26FastScan controller class: _musst_parameters method
      ID26FastScan controller class: metadata pusblishing
      ID26FastScan controller class: cosmetics
      ID26FastScan controller class: syntax bug fixes
      ID26FScanController class: _move_back_greenlet motions grouped
      ID26FScanController class: __info__() extended
      ID26FastScanController and IdTrajectoryController: bug fixes, polling delays
      ID26FScanController class: syntax bug fix
      ID26FscanController class: _reset_id_sync() optimised
      ID26FscanController: synchro_delay always include shutter openig delay when auto opening shutter mode
      ID26FScanController class: ID acceleration delays when no master_id fixed
      ID26FscanController class: start IDtraj 'synchro_delay' ms ahead
      IdTrajectoryController: check minimum timebase allowed of 100ms
      ID26FscanController class: add slow_sampling_time parameter
      ID26FscanController class: add mono trajectory_prog cache clearing
      ID26FScanController class: use logtools
      ID26FScanController class: allow_greenlet context manager
      ID26FScanController class and IDlinkedConstantVelocity class: use greenlet coroutines for preparation motions, setting id velocity and move back motors
      ID26FScanController class: typo bug fix
      scrips/energy.py: uses energy.controller.mono instead of dcm - useful when in simulation tests
      ID26FScanController class: allow_greenlet() typo bug fix
      ID26FScanController class: get rid of setup_globals calls
      ID26FScanController class: __info__ minor bug fix
      fscan: cleanup optimisation, trajectory_started event
      ID26FScanController class: more status info in __info__(), log_debug in allow_greenlet context manager
      ID26FScanController class: _save_last_scan() and _same_as_last_scan()
      dfscan cleanup fixed
      IdTrajectoryController log_debug
      ID26FScanController class: syntax and typo fixes, wait ID stop after sync motion Abort()
      ID26FScanController class: add more log_debug, time profiling on FscanAcquisitionMaster and IDlinkedConstantVelocity classes
      ID26FScanController class: idjog traj bug fix (intervals must be integer)
      IdTrajectoryController cosmetics
      IDTrajectoryController add metadata and __info__(), remove Insmovable-device to diretcly use id axis, DefaultChain_IDTrajectoryController seq changes
      id trajectory tests
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