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esrf_spectro_eh2 detector CalcMotor framewk

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from bliss.controllers.motor import CalcController
- package: id26.spectro.esrf_spectro_eh2
class: EH2SpectroDetector
name: hdetector2
radius: 1004.0
dlong: $dlong
azlong: $azlong
- name: $hdx2
tags: real y
- name: $hdz2
tags: real z
- name: $hdth2
tags: real th
- name: xdet
tags: xpos
- name: zdet
tags: zpos
- name: pitdet
tags: pitch
class EH2SpectroDetector(CalcController):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
CalcController.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.dlong = self.config.get("dlong", None)
self.azlong = self.config.get("azlong", None)
self.dlong_angle = self.config.get("dlong_angle", float, 68)
self.dlong_travel = self.config.get("dlong_travel", float, 1200)
self.dlong_base_x = self.config.get("dlong_base_x", float, -21.51)
self.dlong_base_z = self.config.get("dlong_base_z", float, 160.25)
self.ref_params = HashObjSetting(f"MMSpectroDetector:{}")
if self.ref_params.get('dx_offset') is None:
print("Warning: dx_offset is None, updating with default value of 150 (mm)")
self.ref_params['dx_offset'] = 150
if self.ref_params.get('dz_offset') is None:
print("Warning: dz_offset is None, updating with default value of 150 (mm)")
self.ref_params['dz_offset'] = 150
if self.ref_params.get('det_deviation_x') is None:
print("Warning: det_deviation_x is None, updating with zero.")
self.ref_params['det_deviation_x'] = 0
if self.ref_params.get('dz_correction') is None:
self.ref_params['dz_correction'] = 0
if self.ref_params.get('radius') is None:
self.ref_params['radius'] = self.config.get('radius', float)
if self.ref_params.get('alpha') is None:
self.ref_params['alpha'] = self.config.get('alpha', float, 0)
if self.ref_params.get('a_z_set') is None:
self.ref_params['a_z_set'] = self.config.get('a_z_set', float, 0)
def _init_meta_data_publishing(self):
if not
"to publish metadata the spectrometer detector controller needs a name in config"
scan_meta_obj = get_user_scan_meta()
scan_meta_obj.instrument.set(self, lambda _: { self.metadata()})
def metadata(self):
meta_dict = dict()
for key in self.ref_params.keys():
key: self.ref_params[key],
meta_dict["@NX_class"] = "NXspectro"
return meta_dict
def calc_to_real(self, positions_dict):
real_dict = dict()
pitch = positions_dict["pitch"]
xpos = positions_dict["xpos"]
zpos = positions_dict["zpos"]
radius = self.ref_params.get('radius')
det_deviation_x = self.ref_params.get('det_deviation_x')
alpha = self.ref_params['alpha']
a_z_set = self.ref_params['a_z_set']
dx,dz,th = self._dx_dz_th_calc (xpos, zpos, pitch)
real_dict["y"] = dx
real_dict["z"] = dz
real_dict["th"] = th
return real_dict
def calc_from_real(self, positions_dict):
th = positions_dict["th"]
dx = positions_dict["y"]
dz = positions_dict["z"]
x,z,p = self._x_z_pitch_calc (dx, dz, th)
return {"xpos" : x,
"zpos" : z,
"pitch": p,
def _dx_dz_th_calc (self, xpos, zpos, pitch):
return dx, dz, th
def _x_z_pitch_calc (self, dx, dz, dth):
return x, z, pitch
def _old_dx_dz_calc(self, Dvec, dlong_pos):
# print("dx abs is {} and dz abs is {}".format(dx, dz))
dlong_angle = math.radians(self.dlong_angle);
dlong_base_x = self.dlong_base_x
dlong_base_z = self.dlong_base_z -self.azlong.position
# print("dlong_angle is {} and dlong_base_x is {} and dlong_base_z is {}".format(dlong_angle, dlong_base_x, dlong_base_z))
dlong_center_x = dlong_pos * math.cos(dlong_angle) + dlong_base_x
dlong_center_z = dlong_pos * math.sin(dlong_angle) + dlong_base_z
# print("dlong_center_x is {} and dlong_center_z is {}".format(dlong_center_x, dlong_center_z))
dx_offset = self.ref_params.get('dx_offset')
dz_offset = self.ref_params.get('dz_offset')
dz_correction = self.ref_params.get('dz_correction')
# print("dx_offset is {} and dz_offset is {} and dz_correction is {}".format(dx_offset, dz_offset, dz_correction))
stage_dx_pos = dx - dlong_center_x + dx_offset
stage_dz_pos = dz - dlong_center_z + dz_offset + dz_correction
return stage_dx_pos, stage_dz_pos
def dlong_calc_middle(self, th_1, th_2):
required if dlong is not moved during scans. The scan range is between low and high.
A middle position is determined for dlong which is used itself to calculate the motor positions for stage_dx and stage_dz
th_low = min(th_1, th_2)
th_high = max(th_1, th_2)
print(f'at low angle {th_low}')
pos_lo, dvec_lo = self._dlong_calc(th_low)
print(f'at high angle {th_high}')
pos_hi, dvec_hi = self._dlong_calc(th_high)
pos_middle = abs(pos_hi - pos_lo) / 2 + min(pos_hi, pos_lo)
print(f'dlong at low angle at {pos_lo:.2f}')
print(f'dlong at high angle at {pos_hi:.2f}')
print(f'dlong middle position is at {pos_middle:.2f}')
_dx_pos_lo, _dz_pos_lo = self._dx_dz_calc(dvec_lo, pos_middle)
_dx_pos_hi, _dz_pos_hi = self._dx_dz_calc(dvec_hi, pos_middle)
def _check_lim (range, value):
if value == min(list(range)+[value]):
return f'- OUT OF RANGE {range}'
if value == max(list(range)+[value]):
return f'- OUT OF RANGE {range}'
return ''
print(f'\nFor this middle position of dlong we get:')
print(f'stage dx at low angle at {_dx_pos_lo:.2f} {_check_lim(self._tagged["y"][0].limits, _dx_pos_lo)}')
print(f'stage dx at high angle at {_dx_pos_hi:.2f} {_check_lim(self._tagged["y"][0].limits, _dx_pos_hi)}')
print(f'stage dz at low angle at {_dz_pos_lo:.2f} {_check_lim(self._tagged["z"][0].limits, _dz_pos_lo)}')
print(f'stage dz at high angle at {_dz_pos_hi:.2f} {_check_lim(self._tagged["z"][0].limits, _dz_pos_hi)}')
except RuntimeError as e:
print (e.args[0])
return pos_middle
def _dlong_calc(self, theta):
vecs = _xes_eh2(self.ref_params['radius'], theta, 0, 0, 0, 0)
dvec = vecs[1]
dlong_angle = np.deg2rad (self.dlong_angle)
dlong_travel = self.dlong_travel
dlong_base_x = self.dlong_base_x
dlong_base_z = self.dlong_base_z - self.azlong.position
dlong_low_limit = self.dlong.low_limit
dlong_high_limit = self.dlong.high_limit
if dlong_low_limit > dlong_high_limit:
dlong_low_limit, dlong_high_limit = dlong_high_limit ,dlong_low_limit
# make lines for dlong stage and m=-1 through detector point
m = np.tan(dlong_angle)
b = dlong_base_z-dlong_base_x*m
mn = np.tan(np.deg2rad(-45))
bn = dz-mn*dx
# calculate intersection point between dlong and m-1 line: This is where dlong will be driven.
dlong_center_x = (bn-b)/(m-mn)
dlong_center_z = m*dlong_center_x+b
dlong_center_x = max (dlong_center_x, dlong_base_x)
dlong_center_x = min (dlong_center_x, dlong_travel*np.cos(dlong_angle)+dlong_base_x)
dlong_center_z = dlong_base_z if dlong_center_z < dlong_base_x else dlong_center_z
dlong_center_z = min(dlong_center_z, dlong_travel*np.sin(dlong_angle) + dlong_base_z)
dlong_pos = (dlong_center_z-dlong_base_z) / np.sin(dlong_angle) # This may be unnecessary as it is already done before if base is the lowest possible position
if dlong_pos < dlong_low_limit:
print('WARNING: Hitting low software limit on dlong. Recalculating dlong positions.')
dlong_pos = dlong_low_limit + 1
if dlong_pos > dlong_high_limit:
print('WARNING: Hitting high sofware limit on dlong. Recalculating dlong positions.')
dlong_pos = dlong_high_limit - 1;
print(f'dlong distance from base is {dlong_pos:.2f}')
print(f'distance x from base is {dlong_center_x:.2f}')
print(f'distance z from base is {dlong_center_z:.2f}')
stage_dx_pos, stage_dz_pos = self._dx_dz_calc(dvec, dlong_pos)
print(f'stage dx at {stage_dx_pos:.2f}')
print(f'stage dz at {stage_dz_pos:.2f}\n')
return dlong_pos, dvec
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