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par26menu deleted

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#from bliss import setup_globals
from bliss.config import static
from import UserMsg, UserYesNo, UserInput, UserCheckBox, UserChoice
from import BlissWizard
from import BlissDialog, display
dlg = UserYesNo(label="Do you want to save changes?")
response=display(dlg, title='Bliss manager')
if response is True:
dlg = UserMsg(label="Changes saved to disk.")
display(dlg, title='Bliss manager')
dlg1 = UserInput(label="User name")
dlg2 = UserCheckBox(label="Enable auto-save", defval=True)
dlg3 = UserChoice(label="File format", values=[('txt','.txt'), ('hdf5','.hdf5'), ('tiff','.tiff')])
BlissDialog( [ [dlg1], [dlg2, dlg3] ] , title='Bliss manager',paddings=(3,3)).show()
bdg1 = BlissDialog( ... )
bdg2 = BlissDialog( ... ) --> OK/Cancel
BlissWizard([bdg1, bdg2]).show()
def par26menu ():
dlg_exit = UserChoice(label="on EXIT:",
values=[('mem','Save to memory'),('beacon','Save to disk')]
dlg_id = UserCheckBox(label="Gap tracking", defval=False)
rep = BlissDialog([[dlg_id],[dlg_exit]], title='ID26 control parameters').show()
if rep not False:
if rep[dlg_exit] is 'mem':
par26['id_linked'].set('on' if rep[dlg_id] is True else 'off')
if rep[dlg_exit] is 'beacon':
return rep
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