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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ CHANGELOG
* Add tqdm package to requirements.txt and
* Core:
* Dataset:
* Update constructor to admit `first_filename` parameter. (MR !106)
* Fix reshaping: Correct the methodology used for reshaping to be consistent with the way data is obtained in id06 (MR !101)
* Modify methods that work with dimensions (get_data, apply_shift) so that they work if more than one dimension is fixed (MR !102)
* Add `running_data` property which contains the data currently being used by any of the operations (if any). This data is stopped in case of `Abort` option called (MR !95)
......@@ -14,18 +15,26 @@ CHANGELOG
* Add step option to compute median using only every step image (MR !87)
* Add tests with step and chunks and add docstring (MR !92)
* Add `apply_moments` method for computing orientation distribution and colorkey based on the dimensions (for now only works with two dimensions) (MR !96)
* Add `aply_fit` method for fitting the rocking curves of the data (a curve corresponds to a pixel around the stack), multiprocessing is used to chunk the images (MR !98)
* Add `apply_fit` method for fitting the rocking curves of the data (a curve corresponds to a pixel around the stack), multiprocessing is used to chunk the images (MR !98)
* Add `apply_threshold` method for thresholding the data (MR !108)
* Create new file `` that contains the classes AcquisitionDims and Dimensions moved from `` (MR !105)
* Create new file `` with several functions: fit a rocking curve and computation of moments (MR !98)
* ``: Add new process `_RockingCurves` (MR !104)
* Add `` file that contains the tests that use the Dimension and AcquisitionDim classes (MR !105)
* GUI:
* Add setters and getters for colormaps in widgets that use them (MR !110)
* `` (MR !106)
* Add new tab for treated data.
* Create class `DirSelectionWidget`
* ``:
* Add `setDataset` method in `NoiseRemovalDialog` to enable buttons after the dataset is set (MR !100)
* Add widgets only visible when data in disk, which give option to use step or chunks when computing the median (MR !87, MR!90)
* Fix bug when showing or not the in disk widget (MR !97)
* Make methods `toggleChunks` and `toggleInDiskWidget` private (MR !100)
* Correctly set and get properties (background, method, etc) (MR !104)
* Add threshold removal option (MR !108)
* Add signal that emits when method starts or ends computing (MR !109)
* Fix some typos (MR !111)
* ``:
* Use `skimage.registration.phase_correlation` instead of `register_translation` when finding shift (MR !91)
* Fix bug when shifting only using first dimension (MR !99)
......@@ -33,12 +42,14 @@ CHANGELOG
* Run ROI operation in thread and add abort button(MR !95)
* ``:
* Modify `Method` class so that its values are a description of the method. The keys are used in the `BlindSourceSeparationWidget` as text in the combobox, and the values are its tooltips (MR !100)
* ``:
* Add parameter in `setDimensions` to know the shape of the data, and use it to correctly take values from W (MR !107)
* `ChooseDimensionWidget`: Add as many dimension widgets as dimensions are (minus 1), so all the dimensions are fixed except for one (MR !102)
* Create `GrainPlotWidget`:
* Show different COM, FWHM, Skewness, Kurtosis of the dataset around a certain dimension (MR !96)
* Add a contours map to show the contours of the orientation distribution on top of the colorkey (MR !96)
* Add a plot for the mosaicity map (only works with two dimensions) (MR !96)
* Create `RockingCurvesWidget` (MR !98):
* Create `RockingCurvesWidget` (MR !98, MR !111):
* Show the stack of images where the user can click any pixel.
* Show a 1D plot with the rocking curve of the pixel selected in the stack.
* A ChooseDimensionWidget allows the data to be filtered by the chosen dimension.
......@@ -46,12 +57,15 @@ CHANGELOG
* The data is fitted using only the images in the stack (i.e the chosen dimension if any).
* Create `LineProfileWidget` (MR !103):
* Upload a *.npy image from disk and show intensity curve from a chosen y value of the image.
* Create `ShowStackWidget` to show stack of data (MR !106)
* pffaddon: Add alias for rockingCurveWidget (MR !104)
* orangecontrib:
* Zsum: Use `ChooseDimensionDock` instead of `ChooseDimensionWidget` and fix bug when computing sum in disk (MR !92)
* Add `GrainPlotWidgetOW` to show a `GrainPlotWidget` (MR !96)
* Add `RockingCurvesWidgetOW` to show a `RockingCurvesWidget` (MR !98)
* Add `LineProfileWidgetOW` for `LineProfileWidget` (MR !103)
* Add properties in `NoiseRemovalWidgetOW` for threshold removal (MR !108)
* Add colormap as input and output on widgets that use it (MR !110)
0.4.2: 2020/09/15
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