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Fix typo in CHANGELOG

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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ CHANGELOG
* Run ROI operation in thread and add abort button(MR !95)
* ``:
* Modify `Method` class so that its values are a description of the method. The keys are used in the `BlindSourceSeparationWidget` as text in the combobox, and the values are its tooltips (MR !100)
* Remova widgets to set a maximum number of components (MR !105)
* Remove widgets to set a maximum number of components (MR !105)
* `` (MR !105):
* Add title and labels to plot
* Automatically compute PCA when creating widget and remove widgets to set a maximum number of components
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ CHANGELOG
* Show a 1D plot with the rocking curve of the pixel selected in the stack.
* A ChooseDimensionWidget allows the data to be filtered by the chosen dimension.
* A button to fit the data shows a plot with 3 maps computed from the fitted data: Integrated intensity, FWHM and peak position.
* The data is fitted using only the images in the stack (i.e the chosen dimension if any).
* If data is filtered by dimensions then the data is fitted in chunks, where every chunk is a certain value of the chosen dimension.
* Create `LineProfileWidget` (MR !103):
* Upload a *.npy image from disk and show intensity curve from a chosen y value of the image.
* Create `ShowStackWidget` to show stack of data (MR !106)
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