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[gui][grainplot] Define dictionary of maps and write maps to file

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......@@ -282,11 +282,22 @@ class GrainPlotWidget(qt.QMainWindow):
Loads the file from a FileDialog.
list_of_maps = {}
for axis, dim in self.dataset.dims:
list_of_maps[] = { self._moments[axis][0], self._moments[axis][1], self._moments[axis][2], self._moments[axis][3]
list_of_maps[] = hsv_to_rgb(self._computeMosaicity())
fileDialog = qt.QFileDialog()
# if fileDialog.exec_():
# write_maps(fileDialog.selectedFiles()[0], 'entry',)
\ No newline at end of file
if fileDialog.exec_():
write_maps(fileDialog.selectedFiles()[0], list_of_maps,, 'entry', 1)
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