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0.6.0: 2021/09/14
* Core:
* Dataset:
* Save data into hdf5 instead of numpy files, all images are saved into a single hdf5 file (MR !128):
* `Data` class methods `apply_funcs` and `save` are modified to work with h5py and to only replace the necessary rows of the file.
* `DataUrls` used in `Dataset` are linked to the corresponding image (using data slicing of h5py).
* Temporary datasets are used to not lose information in case of crash or abortion.
* Raise error if directory for treated data is read-only (MR !114)
* Use treated data directory for dark files (MR !114)
* Add `roi_dir` parameter in `apply_roi` as directory path for the new dataset (MR !122)
* New treated files in disk automatically replace previous ones except said by parameter (MR !123)
* Add `get_metadata_value` method to obtain metadata info from a key (MR !124)
* Add attribute `transformation` with the transformation values and method `compute_transformation` to compute it (MR !125)
* Modify `find_shift` and `apply_shift` methods parameters to use `steps` instead of `h_step` and `h_max` and use linear shift when applying shifts greater than 1 (MR !127)
* Add methods `find_shift_along_dimension` and `apply_shift_along_dimension` that find and apply shift, respectively, in a loop along a dimensions values (MR !134)
* Mapping:
* Apply median filter to COM and std to remove Nans (MR !117)
* Add functions `compute_rsm` and `compute_magnification` (MR !125)
* Image registration:
* Modify shift detection to work with higher values of shift than 0.5 (MR !127)
* Process (MR !130):
* Add new process `_GrainPlot`
* Add new process `_Transformation`
* Add step and chunk properties in `_NoiseRemoval` process
* ROI:
* Fix typo when computing 2D ROI (MR !130)
* GUI:
* ``:
* Orientation distribution: Increase resolution of hsv key, set coordinate labels as the angles of the motors, add checkbox to center angle values to 0 and fix bugs (MR !116)
* Add export button that saves maps into Nexus file (MR !132)
* Stop using opticolor (MR !117)
* Modify axes if transformation is present and set global attributes origin and scale (MR !125)
* ``:
* Add two scatter points at the frame number position in the rocking curves (MR !119)
* ``:
* Fix bug when resetting data and applying new operations (MR !115)
* Only show abort button if abortion is possible (MR !128)
* Add step and chunks properties (MR !130)
* ``:
* Return bg_dataset in `get_dataset` (MR !122)
* Use same directory for consecutive roi applies (MR !122)
* Only show abort button if abortion is possible (MR !128)
* ``: Set X values as motor positions when filtering by dimensions (MR !121)
* ``: Add colormap (orientation distribution maps) from the components (MR !126)
* Add `` for Reciprocal Space Map 1D datasets (MR !124)
* Add `` for dataset with magnification values (MR !125)
* ``:
* Add `ShiftCorrectionDialog` which includes `ShiftCorrectionWidget` as main widget (MR !127)
* Add `_filtered_shift` attribute that contains the shift values, if any, along a dimension (MR !134)
* Use methods for finding and applying shift along a dimension in `Dataset` (MR !134)
* Modify checkbox to be used when shift should be applied to only selected value (MR !134)
* Update values of vertical and horizontal shifts to show currently selected dimension value shift (MR !134)
* Create `zSumWidget` to show plot of zsum (MR !131)
* pffaddon: Add alias for `GrainPlotWidgetOW`, for `TransformationWidgetOW` (MR !130) and for `zSumWidgetOW` (MR !131)
* app: Modify `` executable script arguments for Dataset (MR !130)
* orangecontrib:
* Add `` that shows either `magnificationWidget` or `RSMWidget` (MR !125, MR!133)
* Add step and chunks Settings in `NoiseRemovalWidgetOW` (MR !130)
* Add local in `shiftCorrectionWidgetOW` to avoid bugs depending on the local computers locale (MR !130)
* Use `zSumWidget` in `zSumWidgetOW(MR !131)
0.5.0: 2020/12/23
* Add tqdm package to requirements.txt and
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