Commit bc52e39e authored by bliss administrator's avatar bliss administrator

Beacon does not support tab (replaced by space)

parent f65dc204
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......@@ -40,10 +40,10 @@ for motor in motors:
#convert icepap motors to bliss motor
for idx,ip in enumerate(icepapIP):
print("\t\tclass: IcePAP")
print("\t\thost: %s"%ip)
print(" controller:")
print(" class: IcePAP")
print(" host: %s"%ip)
print(" axes:")
for motor in icepapMOTOR[idx]:
motorInfo = motor.split()
motorNodeInfo = motorInfo[2].split(":")[1].split("/")
......@@ -55,15 +55,15 @@ for idx,ip in enumerate(icepapIP):
speed = int(motorInfo[6])
backlash = int(motorInfo[7])
mne = motorInfo[11]
print("\t\t\t\tname: %s"%mne)
print("\t\t\t\taddress: %d"%(icepapCrate*10+icepapCard))
print("\t\t\t\tsign: %d"%(sign))
print("\t\t\t\tsteps_per_unit: %d"%steps_per_unit)
print("\t\t\t\tvelocity: %f"%(speed/(float(steps_per_unit))))
print("\t\t\t\tacceleration: %f"%((speed/(float(steps_per_unit))/(float(accelTime)/1000.))))
print("\t\t\t\tbacklash: %f"%(backlash/(float(steps_per_unit))))
print("\t\t\t\tlow_limit: -inf")
print("\t\t\t\thigh_limit: inf")
print("\t\t\t\toffset: 0")
print(" -")
print(" name: %s"%mne)
print(" address: %d"%(icepapCrate*10+icepapCard))
print(" sign: %d"%(sign))
print(" steps_per_unit: %d"%steps_per_unit)
print(" velocity: %f"%(speed/(float(steps_per_unit))))
print(" acceleration: %f"%((speed/(float(steps_per_unit))/(float(accelTime)/1000.))))
print(" backlash: %f"%(backlash/(float(steps_per_unit))))
print(" low_limit: -inf")
print(" high_limit: inf")
print(" offset: 0")
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