Commit 4bef84d6 authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo
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modified to read tango device sr/d-bpmlibera/all states and exclude bpms not On

parent 6bfff0ce
...@@ -119,6 +119,15 @@ if ~isfield(qemres,'bhrot'), qemres.bhrot=ones(nbpm,1); end ...@@ -119,6 +119,15 @@ if ~isfield(qemres,'bhrot'), qemres.bhrot=ones(nbpm,1); end
if ~isfield(qemres,'bvrot'), qemres.bvrot=ones(nbpm,1); end if ~isfield(qemres,'bvrot'), qemres.bvrot=ones(nbpm,1); end
qemres.brot=0.5*(qemres.bhrot+qemres.bvrot); qemres.brot=0.5*(qemres.bhrot+qemres.bvrot);
% store wrong BPMS
bpms_dev = tango.Device('sr/d-bpmlibera/all');
qemres.wrongbpms = find(; % index of BPMS that are not green in libera manager.
catch err
warning('tango not available');
elist=sort(selcor(qemres.skcode)); elist=sort(selcor(qemres.skcode));
qemres.skewidx=qemres.sextidx(elist); qemres.skewidx=qemres.sextidx(elist);
qemres.skewl=qemres.sxl(elist); qemres.skewl=qemres.sxl(elist);
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