Commit 7e7d1fc2 authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo

added real change in RM, file format with more digits and correct device name

parent 0a9130da
......@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@ obj.s12 = movable('');
obj.s3 = movable('');
obj.cv8 = movable('');
obj.cv9 = movable(''); = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/hst/all/Strengths'],'absolute',true,'limits',[-3.5e-4 3.5e-4]); = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/vst/all/Strengths'],'absolute',true,'limits',[-3.5e-4 3.5e-4]); = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/hst/all/Strengths'],'absolute',true,'limits',[-4e-4 4e-4]); = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/vst/all/Strengths'],'absolute',true,'limits',[-4e-4 4e-4]);
obj.rf = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srrf/master-oscillator/1/Frequency'],'absolute',false,'limits',[0.99 1.01]);
obj.quad = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/m-q/all/CorrectionStrengths']);
obj.sext = movable([TANGO_HOST 'srmag/m-s/all/CorrectionStrengths']);
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