Commit 5c1eaaf4 authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo

initial commit of missing load_dd.m functions

parent 1ff06c25
function [ oscill,aveorbit ] = load_dd(plane,varargin)
%LOAD_DD Load turn-by-turn position
% PLANE: h, H, x, X, 1 => horizontal
% v, V, z, Z, 2 => vertical
% s,S,0 => sum
% OSCILL: Turn-by-turn positions (nturnsx224), 1st bpm is C4-1
% Sends forst a "On" command on KICKER and waits for the data
%OSCILL: Beam oscillation with average subtracted
%COD: average beam position
bpm=tango.cache('sr/d-bpmlibera/all', @tango.SrBpmDevice);
disp([int2str(nturns) ' turns']);
if nargout >= 2
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