Commit aadd5aa0 authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo
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more quadrupole for minibeta matching, ignore naming

parent 3b35c3c1
function mach=adddevicenames(mach)
fprintf('Add device names...\n');
ind = find(atgetcells(mach,'Class','Quadrupole') | atgetcells(mach,'FamName','Q[FDIJ]\w*'))';
ind = find(atgetcells(mach,'FamName','Q[FDIJ]\w*'))';
mach(ind)=atsetfieldvalues(mach(ind),'Device',''); % initialize Device field to empty
firstsliceQF8D=diff(ind)~=1;% some QF8D are splitted, name first slice only!
indi=[ind(firstsliceQF8D) ind(end)]; % real number of Quads (removing overcount for splitted elements)
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