Commit 70b4391c authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo

yet an other line with wrong pinhole order 01 07 17 25 27

parent 4e8b5daa
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ qemb.emittances=[modemit(:,1:2) cat(1,lindata.emit44)];
if nargin >= 3
lindata0=[qemb0.lindata qemb0.id07data qemb0.id25data qemb0.d01data qemb0.d17data qemb0.d27data];
lindata0=[qemb0.lindata qemb0.d01data qemb0.id07data qemb0.d17data qemb0.id25data qemb0.d27data];
sigma2=[squeeze(beam66(1,1,:)) squeeze(beam66(3,3,:))];
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