Commit 4bf7de9e authored by beamdyn's avatar beamdyn

typo in file format corrected

parent 8912467b
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ ibm(:,2) = injbumpmat(:,[4])./0.00231*2000; % K4: 2.31mrad@2kA
ibm(:,3) = injbumpmat(:,[1])./0.00230*2000; % K1: 2.30mrad@2kA
ibm(:,4) = injbumpmat(:,[2])./0.00228*2000; % K2: 2.28mrad@2kA
dlmwrite('injbumpmat.cvs',[bampl' ibm],.... %reshaffle and calibrate 2.36mrad at 2000A
dlmwrite('injbumpmat.csv',[bampl' ibm],.... %reshaffle and calibrate 2.36mrad at 2000A
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