Commit 1eac5237 authored by Simone Liuzzo's avatar Simone Liuzzo

synch with master

parents a4c0e493 e022f44d
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ Please check that the software works correctly as operator (CTRM) and files are
this respository should be pulled (git pull) in /operation/machine/BeamDynamics/matlab
to set the matlab path as default:
copy startup.m in ~/matlab/startup.m
edit startup.m variable rootpath to match the location where you downloaded this repository.
edit your private ~/matlab/startup.m
call or copy there the relevant content of startmachine.m.
Please see the wiki for the expected folders (AT, tango-maltab) to be installed separately
......@@ -33,34 +33,5 @@ if isempty(APPHOME), APPHOME=getenv('APPHOME'); end
function optpath(varargin)
for i=nargin:-1:1
if (exist(varargin{i},'dir') == 7), addpath(genp(varargin{i})); end
function p = genp(d)
classsep = '@'; % qualifier for overloaded class directories
packagesep = '+'; % qualifier for overloaded package directories
skipc=['.' classsep packagesep];
p = ''; % path to be returned
files = dir(d);
if ~isempty(files)
% Add d to the path even if it is empty.
p = [p d pathsep];
% set logical vector for subdirectory entries in d
isdir = logical(cat(1,files.isdir));
% Recursively descend through directories which are neither
% private nor "class" directories.
dirs = files(isdir); % select only directory entries from the current listing
for i=1:length(dirs)
dirname = dirs(i).name;
if ~(any(dirname(1)==skipc) || any(strcmp(dirname,skips)))
p = [p genp(fullfile(d,dirname))]; %#ok<AGROW> % recursive calling of this function.
if (exist(varargin{i},'dir') == 7), addpath(genpath(varargin{i})); end
curdir = pwd;
rootpath = '/machfs/liuzzo/EBS/Simulator/BeamDynamics/matlab';
if (~isdeployed) % will be executed only from matlab, not from C
msg = [' Loading path from ' fullfile(rootpath,'startmachine.m') ' '];
disp(['*** ' repmat(' ',1,length(msg)) ' ***']);
disp(['*** ' msg ' ***'])
disp(['*** ' repmat(' ',1,length(msg)) ' ***']);
startmachine; % build standard path for operation
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